Second Saturday!

Second Saturday is THIS Saturday, February 13th, from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm!

During these times admission is FREE and there will be a fun craft to compliment our Ancient Egypt traveling exhibit. This is also a great time to see the museum and the traveling exhibit for free!

The Georgia Children’s Museum hopes to see you and your family this Saturday from 10:30-12:30!

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Toddler Play Date!

Our first ever Toddler Play Date last month was a huge success! Make sure not to miss out on this event for February!

Toddler Play Date is the newest additon to GCM’s enrichment programming. It will take place on the last Thursday of every month from 10:30 am till noon. During Toddler Play Dates, museum guests will be able to enjoy a special cragt, story, and/or activity led by our Programs Coordinator, Sarah Hudson. This program is recommended for children ages 3 and under. Toddler Play Dates are a fun and educational opportunity for parents and children to learn and laugh together.

This event will take place on Thursday, February 25th from 10:30 am – 12 pm. Admission is $3 a person and no free admission applies to this event.

Be sure to friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter with Zippy GCM as well as join our Facebook group, The Georgia Children’s Museum, for more updates! Also, continue to check back at our website for upcoming events and additons to the museum at!

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Story Time Tuesday!

Thank you to all who came out to Toddler Play Date this morning! It was another successful event.

Our next event will be occurring on Tuesday, March 2nd from 11am – 12 pm. This event is Story time at GCMand taking place will be two readings at 11 and 11:30 am of A River Of Words by Jen Bryant, a 2009 Caldecott honoree; followed by a complimentary coloring activity!

Please make sure to continue checking our website as well as our Facebook group and also add Zippy the Zebra as your Facebook friend and follow him on Twitter in order to stay updated with all the new exciting things taking place at the museum! We have recently purchased a vast array of new exhibits and sometime in March they will all be revealed. Also, we have our big event – Dr. Seuss Reading Day – on Saturday March 6 from 11am-4pm which will feature local celebrity readings of Dr. Seuss’ books, a special guest appearance of The Cat in the Hat (who will be available for pictures!) as well as Seuss-themed arts and crafts! This is an event you don’t want to miss!!!

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Spring time brings in NEW exhibits at the Georgia Children’s Museum!

The Georgia Children’s Museum recently had a make-over! We now have some great new exhibits for you to come and explore!

On the basement level we have a new castle complete with king and queen chairs and dress up items. Also in the basement, we now have a drum area next to arts and crafts. This exhibit allows children to make as much noise as they want to without bothering the neighbors…

On our main level we have a new bubbles exhibit where children can interact with making bubbles. Soon to come we will have a life size bubble where children can create a bubble around themselves!

Our loft area has many new and exciting additions. These additions include: a produce stand, restaurant, artifact dig, toddler garden, building tables for legos and kapla blocks, as well as a Preschool Players Stage.

The produce stand and restaurant compliments the original toddler kitchen and grocery shopping area. The artifact dig is a fun and educational experience for children to take on the role of an archaeologist while learning about the different artifacts they dig up. The toddler garden is an enclosed area specifically geared for children age three and under. The building tables for legos and kapla blocks allows children to spread out and get creative with their architectural creations. Lastly, the Preschool Players Stage is a raised stage in which children are able to dress up and model what they wear.

Scott Corkery, the museum’s assistant director, says, “The Georgia Children’s Museum has anxiously awaited our upcoming renovations to our Toddler Loft and exhibit area. GCM’s new look is going to be a breath of fresh air for our current members and hopefully a welcoming reason for potential new visitors to check us out!”

Coming soon we will also have more science exhibits to offer on the main level.

The entire museum staff is excited about these changes taking place and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Just give us a call at 478-755-9539.

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New & Improved Coming Your Way!

Where we’ve been and where we’re going….

This January marked the beginning of my fifth year as Executive Director of GCM.  It seems to have flown by and while it has been an up-mountain battle, a hill doesn’t begin to describe the size of our issues, we can see now as we are on the verge of realizing our dreams (or at least a modified version of them) of a bright and exciting future.

As I write this, we are less than 2 weeks away from being debt free.   And without the albatross of debt on our shoulders we can look forward to expansion.  Not in terms of physical space (the modified version of our dream museum) but with new exhibits and programs.

We are in the purchasing phase of KidsTowne, our interactive community for children that will feature a bank, a grocery store, a hospital , a television studio and a courtroom.  Thank you so much to our sponsors for making this exhibit possible –  Central Georgia Health Network, The Dozier Law Firm, North Macon Family Healthcare Associates, The ENT Center, State Bank & Trust, Francar’s Wings, and Scott’s Pharmacy.  A huge thank you to the EJ Grassmann Trust for the grant that got KidsTowne started!  There are still sponsorships available, please contact us if you are interested.

We are also installing The Music Factory through the generosity of The Georgia Music Hall of Fame.  As sad as we were to see our neighbors close, we are thrilled to have a piece of the hall living within our walls.

Finally, a day we have waited for over 4 years for seems to be close at hand.  We will be installing key pieces from Passages through Time: the history of the Creek Nation in Middle Georgia.  While again this is a modified version of our dream as we will not have the space to display the entire exhibit we are excited to be able to adapt this high quality exhibit into a hand on feature applicable to our guests.  Thank you to Geico and The Elam Alexander Trust for their sponsorship of this exhibit.

We will ask that you bear with us during this exciting phase as unfortunately some features will require that we close for a VERY brief time for a safe and thorough installation.

Our goal for 2012 is to create programs with more substance.  We are expanding our Arts & Crafts programming to offer a weekly theme with daily activities that reinforce that theme.  We are also adding Science activities on Wednesday afternoons after school where we will be building and experimenting and learning all about Science!

Keep checking back for news of our progress either through our weekly blog, our website or our facebook page!

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