Passport to the World: A Salute to Macon’s Sister Cities

Take a trip around the world at GCM’s international exhibit.  Passport to the World allows children a glimpse of cultures from Japan, France, Russia, Ghana, and South Korea.  Wear authentic kimonos and eat sushi in Japan, find your beat on African hand-made drums, or even see if you have the same talent as famous French artists while you attempt to sketch your own masterpiece.   Before you leave, don’t forget to stamp your very own GCM Passport at each stop you make!

Passages through Time

Coming soon in the winter of 2012, the GCM staff is thrilled to bring you this in depth look at the Native American experience in Middle GA.  Once completed, this vivid exhibit  will capture your child’s imagination as they explore the life and journey of the Creek Indians.  The exhibit will feature stone tools, arrowheads, and clothing, all found right here in middle Georgia.

Leonardo’s Machines

Leonardo da Vinci was not only a master painter but a brilliant mind that envisioned the conception of countless different inventions we use to this very day. Come look at and try out the inspiring life of this great figure through your child’s eyes.

Science Connection

The world of science is another language to children. This exhibit consists of tabletop stations teaching various scientific principles such as electricity, sound, light, physics, and more.  Come experience this world with your children and help them make the Science Connection!!

Music Factory

GCM is proud to be the new home of this wondrous exhibit originally from The Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Music Factory is a highly interactive exhibit that allows kids the chance to experiment with the different tones different musical instruments can make. Come help crank out the jams with your kids in the Music Factory!!


Young guests of GCM will be able to operate KidsTowne, USA. Future bankers, restaurant managers,doctors, nurses, lawyers and grocers will work together to make the town successful. Guests can use the “working” ATM to retrieve Kids Kash that they can use to purchase items in the grocery store or restaurants. The Mayor can supervise everything from his office in the Court House while doctors visit patients in our hospital. Legal cases can be argued before the judge and the news can be broadcast from KTTV.

Teachers, field trips can be arranged so that your class can work together in the community of KidsTowne. Contact Scott Corkery, Director of Education, for more information.