You are your child’s first teacher and playmate. Give your child the gift of undivided attention – put down the newspaper or book, put cell phones away and play!

The Gift of Time.

The more time your child spends in an exhibit, the more engaged he can become in the activities, which can lead to increased learning.

Follow your child’s lead.

Children often surprise us with their interests. Observe your child. What types of activities does your child enjoy most? What activities keep your child’s attention the longest? These observations help you to understand and appreciate your child more.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Young children can exasperate us with their singular fascinations, but those are an important part of child development as children learn through repetition. Remember when you were little and you wanted to have your parents read the same story to you over and over again? Remember how much you enjoyed its familiarity and maybe saw something new each time? Well, now it’s your child’s turn to have the same fun.


If you find yourself bored, try challenging yourself to do the activity a different way, or from a different starting point, or just enjoy how much your child is enjoying it. Use our “Pointers for Parents” to start activities you and your child can do together.

We know you’re here for fun but we do have a few rules and advice….


Young children get hungry often. While we don’t allow eating in the exhibit area you are welcome to bring a snack/lunch and eat them at the tables near our check in area. We have several nearby restaurants that offer To Go orders. We have a Coca Cola machine with some kid friendly alternative


Museum floor staff have nametags. If you are in need of assistance or have any questions, please look for a staff person. There is a specific system in place for lost children. Notify a staff person as soon as possible.

Lost children

Review with your child what to do in case he/she gets lost. Consider having a common meeting space in case you and your child get separated, such as underneath the large Zebra on the first floor.

There are other guests here too…

Please remember to use your Walking Feet & Indoor Voice. While we are a children‛s museum, please remember that museum etiquette is still to be observed. While our exhibits are designed for children, they can still be damaged if not treated with care. So that the museum can be enjoyed by all of our guests, please carefully supervise your children at all times.

Teach respect – please return exhibits to order when you leave so that other guests may enjoy them. Please DO NOT remove items from its appropriate exhibit.